I had a 6 year history of chronic neck pain, stiffness and bilateral arm/hand numbness and tingling.  I had tried just about every form of treatment, both Western medicine and Eastern and everything in between.  I went to a second Physiatrist who was able to make a treatment recommendation which actually helped!  He also referred me to a Physical Therapist who truly understood my poor body mechanics and started me on the right path of moving correctly.  I had been taking Pilates at my local gym and found I was able to move "better" in my Pilates class with the cues from the PT and my Pilates instructor.  The cues my Pilates instructor started to make better sense and I was able to "feel" muscles that had been otherwise absent for many years. This instructor mentioned she also taught at a local Pilates Study.  In comes Joy of Movement.  I began classes and within 6 months with the help of several instructors I found that I was able to move my arms, torso and upper body without using my "neck".  The cues given to my by my Pilates instructors have become embedded in my brain....most of the time....I am so grateful for their patience and commitment to help me move freely and finally without the chronic numbness and tingling.

-Maureen D.


The more than 80 private sessions I have had with Rochelle since February 2010 have made a central contribution to the profound changes I have experienced in my alignment, proprioception, and core activation during this time. 

Rochelle is a delight to work with.  Her warmth and encouragement create a very supportive container for the work, and she conveys her deep knowledge of the Gyrotonic approach to breath, pulsation, flow, and aligned whole-body movement in a variety of ways, including imagery, demonstration,  and hands-on guidance.  She is also very responsive to questions and to requests for focus on particular aspects of the work.  

I have enjoyed the process; I am thrilled with the results; and I would warmly recommend working with Rochelle to anyone who wants to deepen and transform his/her relationship to his/her embodied being.

-Kathryn K.


About 18 years ago I had back-to-back left knee surgeries. This resulted in ongoing weakness in my left knee that I have dealt with for years. That weakness has affected my walking gait and over this last year I developed chronic pain in my left knee and right hip. Visits to massage therapists and chiropractors did not resolve it.  It was recommended to me to try Pilates and I found Rochelle and her amazing studio not too far from my home. I started twice a week sessions in February and I can say that my hip pain is 100% resolved. My left knee is quite a bit stronger and rarely do I feel any pain. During a vacation a few weeks ago I averaged about 15,000 steps a day (tracked by my fitbit) and was thrilled with the strength, mobility and lack of pain in my knee and hip. I attribute it to Rochelle, pilates and her amazing studio of instructors.  The pilates reformer classes are very small (no more than 4 attendees) so I love the one-on-one instruction and guidance. I know I am doing the exercises correctly with all that personalized attention and I feel like I have my own personal trainer. I have been so thrilled with the studio that I convinced my husband to start twice a week sessions in May. He loves it too and is feeling the benefit of added strength and flexibility. Rochelle, Jenny and the other instructors are amazing and I feel so fortunate to have found them. The fact that I can walk there and support a local business is even better!  

-Alese G.


Wonderful studio for all levels.  I have a bad back and decided to try Pilates instead of surgery. This studio has it all.  Great trainers that pay attention to my specific needs, very clean equipment [everyone is instructed to wipe down equipment after use - yeah!] and a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Class size is kept small to ensure everyone's needs are met.  Friendly and welcoming.

I leave each day feeling I've accomplished something. Try it!

-Joan B.


I am so grateful for their patience and commitment to help me move freely and finally without the chronic numbness and tingling.