As a newbie to pilates they put me at ease by answering my questions and walking me through each step. Great energy and positive staff.

I love this place! Excellent teachers that motivate you with their infectious enthusiasm and energy. The studio looks really nice and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Joy of Movement is a great boutique pilates studio – the teachers are wonderful. They have gyrotonic, mat, reformer and you can even book a massage!

My private Gyrotonic and Pilates sessions at Joy of Movement are truly a joy! All of the instructors with whom I have worked over the past 6 years have been excellent, encouraging and responsive teachers. I especially enjoy Rochelle Gingras's deep knowledge of Gyrotonic and her enthusiasm about the work; Jamie Miller's capacity to break each Gyrotonic movement down into his components and to give evocative cues; and Ayelet Harari's fun and challenging approach to Pilates. Most of my current work is Gyrotonic, which is a system of movement that uses equipment and focuses on spinal flexibility, recirculation of energy, and sourcing all movement from center. It continues to grow my body awareness, support my development of good posture and alignment, and engage me mentally and emotionally. I am thrilled with the changes I continue to experience from the work and the pleasure I experience while doing it!

I have been so thrilled with the studio that I convinced my husband to start twice a week sessions. He loves it too and is feeling the benefit of added strength and flexibility. The fact that I can walk there and support a local business is even better!