Rochelle Gingras,

Rochelle Gingras is the owner and operator of Joy of Movement. An avid practitioner, teacher and student, she has completed three comprehensive Pilates certifications through BASI, Balanced Body and Embody Pilates, a more classically oriented approach. She is an advanced Gyrotonic® trainer, trained in the Level 1 and Level 2 work, as well as a certified Gyrokinesis® trainer. When not teaching, she maintains an active practice as an advanced cranial sacral therapist and an Esalen style and deep tissue massage therapist. She brings precision, an appreciation of the global sense of the body, and a love of the work she does.



Ayelet moved from Isreal to New York City in 1998 with a love and passion for dance and movement. She trained for more than 15 years in the dance world from classical ballet to Matha Graham to jazz and hip hop. She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York City 2007. She found Pilates after hurting herself at the gym with a herniated disc in her lower back...and fell in love with Pilates. She trained in the BASI Pilates method in 2012. Ayelet brings drama, dance, precision, and passion to her Pilates teaching. For her, Pilates is the way of living.


Brenda Barceló, Instructor

After suffering a serious spine injury, Brenda decided to try a Pilates mat class UCSC offered for faculty and staff. The dramatic relief it gave her had her immediately hooked. She soon became a very dedicated Pilates mat practitioner, taking lessons up to four times weekly. After a couple of years of intense practice, Brenda decided to pursue a certification in order to help others to live pain-free lives. She received her Pilates Mat Certification through Balanced Body University in 2013 and has been teaching and training ever since. She has attended numerous Pilates seminars, including Pilates On Tour, where she learned from some of the best instructors in the world, including Alan Herdman, a renowned Pilates master. Brenda is also an avid traditional tango dancer. She dances locally and abroad as often as her busy schedule permits. Traveling with her husband is among her most favorite activities.


Cindy Durns, Instructor

Throughout her life Cindy has enjoyed sports, from youth soccer and college track to sand volleyball. After years of playing without a strong core and incorrect biomechanics, she had injuries and her body needed to be balanced and aligned. In 2010 Cindy began down her Pilates path and within a short time not only had the major injuries dissipated but her flexibility, strength, and mobility were better than ever. She fell inlove with the Pilates concepts of flow and harmony and the detail and precision of the movements. She was spending so much time practicing Pilates, it only made sense for her to complete the BASI Comprehensive Certification program. She brings to her teaching more than just an athletic background but also knowledge, respect, and compassion for the human body. Cindy holds a PhD in human learning theory, ran studies at NASA, taught college courses, worked in the semiconductor industry, and currently coaches middle school girls volleyball.



Dixie has been teaching Pilates for nearly 25 years. Currently she teaches Pilates and Modern Dance at UCSC, as well as other studios in the country, including Joy of Movement in Aptos. Dixie got her start by completing the teacher training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado while at the same time earning her MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from UC Boulder, summa cum laude. Dixie briefly taught at The Pilates Center, and has since taught at numerous Pilates studios, dance studios and health clubs in New York City, Seattle and Santa Cruz. Since 2002 Dixie has presented many continuing education workshops for Pilates teachers in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Virginia, California and Washington. In 2013 Dixie taught a mat class at the Pilates Method Alliance international conference. In 2007 she developed her own teacher training program, called Embody Pilates, and she has trained many teachers in both New York and California.  ixie is also an arts producer, a comedian, and the mom of 3 beautiful children.


Greg Koenig, Instructor

Credits Pilates with changing his entire life! A passionate teacher and coach, Greg received his Pilates Mat training in 2014. Bringing both an athletic perspective and a love for the classic work of Joseph Pilates, Greg’s classes are challenging and precise. When he’s not in the studio, Greg can be found coaching baseball and football.


JennIE SCHINDLER, Instructor

My training encompasses both Pilates and The Gyrotonic Expansion System, various methods in facia release and functional strength training. I tailor each individual workout to fit the clients goals. My approach is with an emphasis toward rehabilitation and the use of modifications to address the individuals optimum posture.


Jenny Kotler, Instructor

Jenny has alway enjoyed an active lifestyle that includes snowboarding, skateboarding, bike riding and now pilates. She has been a practitioner of Pilates since 2009, when she used Pilates as a way to rehabilitate her ankle after surgery due to a skateboarding accident. She now has 5 certifications from Balanced Body University and continues to strengthen her skills with daily practice. Jenny lives to train clients of all ages and is particularly interested in pre- and post-natal Pilates after embarking on her latest adventure in motherhood.


Mary Silva, Instructor

Mary found her passion for Pilates while receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance from California State University, Long Beach. Being a dancer, Mary found Pilates to be intuitive and perfect for her personal style of exercise. Mary loves the way Pilates makes her body feel as well as being challenging, strengthening, and elongating. She is a certified Pilates instructor though Body Arts and Science International (BASI) with a specialization in Dance Specific Pilates exercises. While living in Long Beach Mary had the pleasure of studying under Karen Clippinger who gave her a strong understanding of the kinesiological principles underlying in Pilates exercise program designs. Mary recently moved to Santa Cruz and is excited to share her passion for Pilates with her clients.



First discovered Pilates while deep into several years of Yoga study. It’s principals radically changed her mind and body for the better. She finished her Pilates certification in 2015 after a rigorous year and half long course of study at Mt. San Antonio College in Southern California. She never lost interest in yoga—also receiving her yoga teaching certification in 2015 after 10 years of practice.

Pilates is for all bodies, it’s core principal is the strengthening of the body for better life! Molly enjoys working with all levels of students. Pilates practice can be restorative, rigorous, gentle or athletic—or all of the above! It’s a practice for everyone and Molly looks forward to helping students grow in their understanding of their body and it’s inherent and astounding strength.



Natalie discovered Pilates in 2006. A studio opened down the street from where she was attending college and after her first session she was hooked. After practicing Pilates for over a year she received her IM=X training in Reno and at the IM=X headquarters in NYC. She received her basic through super advanced training with IM=X and continued her Pilates education with Balanced Body Pilates and STOTT Pilates. Natalie has been teaching group and private sessions since 2008 and helped open two Pilates studios in Reno and Salt Lake City. When she is not studying or teaching Pilates she enjoys trail running with her dog, Nyah in Nisene or spending time with her husband. Natalie loves anything fitness and nutrition related. 



Aimee Fitzgerald has taught yoga and Pilates in Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley since 2006. She has an Iyengar yoga background and studied Pilates though Pacific Movement Center, Balanced Body, and more. Aimee has experience with Physical Therapy, Athletic Training and her latest continuing education adventure is the Core Align. 

Aimee observes students alignment and addresses imbalances and compensatory movement strategies to create harmonious, integrated movement that is fun. She has seen the amazing changes Pilates made for her students and greatly relies on the work for her own self care and health.


angel batt, Sub

Angel is a seasoned Pilates, yoga and group exercise instructor; she has been teaching group exercise for over 25 years. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise as well as holds certification in Pilates, yoga and Zumba. She teaches a variety of fitness modalities including Pilates, Yoga, boot camp, circuit training, intervals, BOSU, Step, and Stretch/flexibility. Angel was trained in the Classical Pilates method and alignment based yoga. She pulls from this, and the wealth of experience and education in other exercise modalities, to create a fun, challenging and well balance workout. Additionally, Angel holds a Masters degree in Social Work. This professional training and related experience, outside the fitness industry, gives her a deep understanding and appreciation for the distinct individuality of each participant.



Diane discovered Pilates in 2008 and quickly realized it was a movement discipline that enabled her to feel strong, supple, and confident and would for years to come. She has completed her Balanced Body instructor training and will become certified in Yamuna Body Rolling in early 2018. Pilates and body rolling are complementary platforms that can help people create positive change in their bodies and in turn, their lives. (They also launched her newfound fascination with anatomy.) Her goal as a teacher is to help people to move with ease and build strength as well as overcome body constraints caused by lack of exercise, overuse, or simply the body they were born with. Diane has experienced first-hand how compensation patterns can allow people to power-through when needed, but old injuries tend to catch up with us if never truly resolved. She believes that through mindful movement and conscious learning about how our own bodies do or don't work, we all have the opportunity to thrive.



Mara teaches Pilates, total body conditioning, yoga, piyo, stretch, and aqua aerobics. She believes exercise should be fun and encourages her students to have a healthy life style and positive body image. Mara loves working with people of all ages and backgrounds. She instructs a variety of child, adult, and senior exercise formats.  

While receiving her BA from UCSB she was a teaching assistant for tennis and swimming, and a nutrition counselor. Mara’s background in aquatics include coaching Jr. High swimming, lifeguarding, and Jr. life guarding instructor. Mara was introduced to Pilates in Santa Barbara and was instantly hooked. She has had the good fortune of studying and training with Master Instructors Ken Gilbert – Fletcher Method, Gail deSart - Foundation Method/BASI, Sarah Bertucelli and many other diverse and talented instructors. Mara was strongly encouraged by other Pilates teachers to certify and received her BASI Mat accreditation under Rael Isacowitz in Costa Mesa, CA. Also, she has a Cardio Barre certificate.   

Mara has a passion for philanthropic events and volunteering in our local community.